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One of the project objectives is to obtain a realistic overview (identify concrete opportunities and potential bottlenecks) of the current situation of the forestry sector in the Mediterranean Region by assembling an advisory group of experts.

This Stakeholders’ Advisory Group (SAG) is invited to actively discuss with the goal of assessing the forestry sector organization and development (how to access to the market) in two EU (Spain, Italy) and two ENP (Tunisia and Morocco) representative Mediterranean countries.

Thanks to the advices and expertise provided by the SAG, the MENFRI Steering Committee will prepare the Mediterranean Forestry Assessment (MFA). The MFA is a report on the identification of Mediterranean countries research centres, stakeholders, cooperatives, public-private partnerships and SMEs related to forestry, the objectives and results of research and innovation projects and the search of synergies with other regional innovation programs.

Such information will be the base of the “Forestry in the Mediterranean” guide, which will include an analysis of the compiled information in order to offer guidelines and show principal bottlenecks to forestry innovation in the Mediterranean Region.

Also, the SAG will help to outline the “Forestry Innovation in South Mediterranean”, an open access toolkit on the identification of the obstacles to the innovation process in order to provide indicators and policies to monitor progress towards forestry innovation in the Mediterranean.

The Stakeholders’ Advisory Group (SAG) is formed by specialists coming from scientific, innovation & development, and government institutions concerned by the effects of global change on Mediterranean forests.

There are three planned SAG Meetings: Morocco (May 2014), Italy (November 2014) and Spain (May 2015). Click here to access the meetings minutes and pictures

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement n° 609542.