CREAF is a public research and innovation centre in terrestrial ecology, territorial analysis and environmental impact, which strives for excellence in knowledge generation, methodological development, transfer, training and dissemination. The centre aims to contribute to improving the conservation and management of our natural environment and territory on the local, regional and global scales by acting as a bridge between academia, public administrations and society and by creating opinion in its spheres of action. Priority research lines are: (1) Biodiversity; (2) Functional diversity and global change; (3) Forest ecology and wildfires, structure and dynamics of forest communities, forest management and conservation, forest decline and regeneration and forest databases; (4) Landscape analysis and geographical information systems

In addition to coordination tasks, CREAF is in charge of WP2, related to the assessment of Geographical Information Systems in the Mediterranean.



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Dr. Enrique Doblas. Research coordinator of the CREAF and PI of MENFRI.

PhD in Biological Sciences by the University of Granada, Enrique is also the centre coordinator of NEWFORESTS, a project for the interchange of knowledge between European and North American forests, and was the scientific coordinator of the MONTES-Consolider Project “Spanish woodlands and global change: threats and opportunities”. Previously, he was the manager of the project “Reducing uncertainty in forest sustainability caused by insect outbreaks”,funded by the Sustainable Forest Management Network, Canada, during his postdoctoral studies in the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). There he also persevered with his principal line of research about ecosystems temporal dynamics and spatial heterogeneity. His research has led to several talks and publications, as scientific as to a broader audience, at the national and international level.


Dr. Jordi Vayreda. Researcher at CREAF since 1995.

Jordi’s research focuses on forest dynamics, the effects of global change and disturbances, carbon balance and modelling. He has also expertise on forest inventories and the implementation of software to manage and query forest inventories databases. He has been in charge of different analysis and publications of the results of the Spanish National Forest Inventories and has also carried out estimations of carbon stocks and net primary production at regional scale. He has participated in different European projects and in several national research projects. He has published 16 papers in SCI journals.




AliénorEU builds bridges between policy makers and stakeholders and works full collaboration with the European institutions and other stakeholders. AliénorEU makes European affairs more accessible and closer to key players by monitoring EU developments concerning environmental policies and by providing legal and political advice. Convinced by the importance of raising awareness and disseminating the results of projects to a wide public, AliénorEU plays a critical role in bringing research to policy makers and relevant stakeholders. The outcomes of projects can then feed into political decisions and concrete actions.

In MENFRI, AliénorEU is in charge of developing the communication strategy and creating the dissemination tools (leaflets, website etc) while building bridges between MENFRI and key players and organising an event in the European Parliament.



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Elise Regairaz, Consultant in environmental polices.

Elise manages AliénorEU’s involvement in European projects (dissemination and exploitation actions, consortium building, reporting, etc). In her former job, Elise was in charge of European and International projects for an international NGO. She also has a sound knowledge of the European Parliament, as she worked for the Secretariat of a European Parliament Intergroup.


Mélanie Lamaison, Director.

Mélanie has experience in both the European Commission (1 year) and the European Parliament. She led for 4 years the European Parliament Intergroup on “Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development”. Therefore, she monitored environmental issues at International and European level, built and maintained close working relationships with key policy makers and stakeholders at European and International level.




Warrant Group S.r.l. (WG) is a privately held consultancy services company that provides full-spectrum consulting in business finance. It has been active since 1995, growing over the years to become a leader in its sector. WG holds a client portfolio of over 2000 companies at national level, both SMEs and large enterprises, and several trans-national contacts at European level. It is organized into 6 areas: International business, Technology Transfer (WTT), Automatic Soft Financing, Company Financing, National Soft Financing, and European Funding Division (WG-EFD), Training. All areas work in synergy with an Engineering Department to provide support for business initiatives and to assist them in the preparation and management of strategic projects under National and International funding frameworks. WG assists the industrial partners during the exploitation phase, by helping them to prepare adequate business plans and/or to get, if required, auxiliary funds for the industrialization of products and processes. WG-EFD staff has a strong and long experience in the management and implementation of EU Framework Programme projects.

WG lead WP4-Mediterranean assessment of the forestry sector and network establishment and will be in charge of an important part of the WP5-Training and exchange of best practices. WG is in charge of the innovation level, training owners and managers to create forestry related business in both sides of the Mediterranean and contributing with a great understanding in all innovation actions to be developed during the project and with a demonstrated capacity in coordination and training.



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Isella Vicini. WG-EFD Director and MSc Computing Science–University of Milan since1986.

Isella is a researcher at the Robotic Department of the National Research Council where she coordinated and managed targeted activities of research projects in the ICT area. During this period, she was deputy member of Knowledge Aided Engineering, Manufacturing and Related Technologies Group of Politecnico di Milano. She is coauthor of more than 30 scientific papers published in national and international journals and conference proceedings. From 1993 to 2008 she was Project Manager in Think3 Inc., leader in manufacturing CAD and PLM technology, where she was responsible for European projects management and administration. She has participated and coordinated several projects funded by the European Commission.


Gianluca Rossi. WG-EFD Senior Consultant and Political Science Degree – University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

Gianluca has more than ten years of experience as project manager in the international cooperation activities. From 2000 he was nominated by the Italian Ministry of Education and Research the National Contact Point of INCO Programme for the EU 5FP. He has been involved as project manager in several international and European projects ensuring correct execution of the activities and preparing all necessary reports and support documents. Expert Evaluator of EU FP7 call and national research programme for Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. Senior expert in information and assistance to enterprises, Universities, research centres etc. on EU funding opportunities for R&TD activities. Supporting innovation and transnational technological transfer in Europe, primarily targeted at technology-oriented SMEs.


Elena Melotti, WG-EFD Project Manager

Graduated in political science and with a master in EU policies and project design, Elena is involved in the project management and in the dissemination and exploitation activities of some of the EU funded projects participated by Warrant Group. In the past, she worked in local projects aimed at promoting the social inclusion and the employment of people with refugee status or humanitarian protection. 




Université Hassan II - Mohammedia – Casablanca (UH2MC). The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Mohammedia is one of ten establishments of the University Hassan II - Mohammedia – Casablanca. The UH2MC-FLSM is a center for training in social development, organizes several courses of Moroccan associations, provides assistance to the city development projects in rural communities and urban areas and also has a partnership with the Wilaya of Casablanca for monitoring local and regional carriers of the National Human Development Initiative. Axes developed by members of the team are: - Studies of the degradation of natural environments - Geomorphologic and climatic studies - Studies on social change and rural spatial dynamics - Studies on the impact of global change on traditional ways of life - Studies on Income Generating Activities in INDH - Studies on Social Organizations (NGOs, Cooperatives etc.) - Women's Studies - Studies on young - Studies on social ties. It aims at monitoring impacts of global change on natural resources and local populations. It upgrades techniques and traditional approaches to fight against the degradation of marginal agricultural land (around forests on the slopes and in areas at risk of drought and poverty). Its team is composed of geographers with high experience in socioeconomic studies, rural areas, forestry and agricultural lands.

UH2MC will lead WP5-Training and exchange of best practices and will be in charge of an important part of WP3-Mediterranean assessment of traditional management strategies and techniques. Experience of UHMC in populations, society and development are of great value for the MENFRI project development and expected impacts. Contact with local forest owners and stakeholders will be essential for the traditional management assessment, the implication of local populations in business innovation training and the search of implied experts with the necessary knowledge to support a realistic view of the Mediterranean forestry sector.


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Prof. Dr. Rachida Nafaa. Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science.

Dr. Nafaa is a recognised naturalist geographer and a member of activist associations and the provincial board of NHRIs. She is also head of the Laboratory and Space Planning Territories and the network RELOR, participant in projects of the UNESCO Chair in Rabat including climate change, and the fight against desertification (as INCO-MED, CLIMED and DESIRE). Rachida is expert in participative and Gender approach and contributes in social research: female migration (UNFPA), rural women, women's agricultural knowledge, the economic cost of domestic violence (UNDP) etc. She is the team leader in the Project SHEMERA "Women in Science" 2011-2013, runs several doctorates on forest areas, watersheds and fragile ecosystems, is responsible for training development of NGOs and is author of many articles and books published on national and international journals.


Prof. M'hammed Abderebbi. Sociologist, expert in geographical population surveys and manager of participatory approaches in rural areas and in social work.

M'hammed is responsible for the community participation component of the MEG/USAID project about the education of girls in Morocco, financed by the Ministry of Education. Facilitator of pilot watershed management: a participatory planning and management approach financed by the Ministry of Water and Forests, the UNDP and the international NGO ENDA Maghreb. He is the research Assistant in the context of local development projects at the Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Hassan II, Rabat, Department of Humanities, where he carries out surveys and monitoring and evaluation of socio-organizational aspects of decentralized rural electrification.

Professors Mr. Ouadrim (geomorphology), Mme Malika Mouzahim (rural development), Mr. Yahayoui Mostafa (social geography), Mr.Azzeddine Chaouki (cartography) also assist in the collection of data, mapping and facilitating focus group within the MENFRI project.




INRGREF is a Tunisian public research institution, contributing to the national policy for research in the field of forests, water and land management. INGREF is also responsible for organization and implementation of research activities in those fields, and contributes to the education of MS and PhD students in the frame of the Institute programs. In the field of forest sciences, these missions are carried through research projects covering several domains including forest ecology, forest genetics, forest physiology and biotechnology, forest yields, forest and rangeland management, forest economics and forest fires.

INRGREF has participated in several EU and International collaboration research projects as AGORA (Advancing Mediterranean Forest Capacities) and KOTUCOP (Korea-Tunisian Cooperation project : Analysis of the cork oak forest degradation causes and involvement of the local population for a sustainable development). These project contributed positively by enhancing the capacity building of INGREF and giving opportunities to researchers on sharing experiences and establishing new relationships with International and Mediterranean research centers and universities.

 INRGREF will participate in WP2-Mediterranean assessment of forest spatial analysis resources and tools and lead the WP3-Mediterranean assessment of traditional management strategies and techniques. Contributions to WP2 are based in a demonstrated experience in collaboration with European partners and the team expertise in forest ecology and management. Several projects support its role as leader of the traditional management assessment, especially dedicated on the effects of climate change and alternative products of forests.


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Zouhaier Nasr. PhD in Ecology field and specialized on Biometeorology.

Zouhaier has a long experience in relationships between climate-water-crops and he is responsible at INRGREF of the climate change program dealing especially with water and carbon balance in the Tunisian forest. He had also participated into several expertise groups on climate change at national and regional scale dealing with strategies of agriculture and ecosystems in the face of climate change. He is the author and co-author of several papers dealing with projected climate scenarios in Tunisia. He will be the Tunisian team coordinator for the project and participate on the sharing and dissemination of knowledge.


Abdelhamid Khaldi. PhD on Forestry

Abdelhamid has more than 20 years of experience in forestry, sylviculture and non-wood forest products. He is the coordinator of several research projects and author and co-author of many scientific papers. He will participate mainly on the assessment of traditional management strategies.


Yousef Saadani. Specialized engineer working at the General Forest Directory (DGF, Ministry of Agriculture). Chief of the socio-economy department.

Yousef has a long experience on forest management and forest services and goods. He will be the focal point for the Tunisian research team at DGF (documentation and dissemination of outputs). He will participate on WP2 and WP6.


Hedia Chakroun. Master in geomatics at the Research applied Center in Remote sensing,

Hedia is currently a teacher assistant at the Engineer National School on the following topics; spatial decision support systems in forest resources, water management, erosion, desertification and remote sensing and drought assessment in natural vegetated ecosystems. She will participate on the assessment of spatial resources.


Ali khorchani. PhD on Forestry specialist, dendro-climatology of pines.

Ali has good experience on forest management and non-timber forest products. He is author of several papers dealing with dendro-climate. He will participate on the spatial assessment and the management assessment work packages.




Consorci Forestal de Catalunya (CFC) is the first private forest owners consortium in Catalonia and Spain that watches over the interest of the sector. CFC has two major tasks: lobbying in front of the Administrations, consulting bodies, other lobbies and NGOs and press, and providing legal services and advice and capacity building.

Its main goals are: a) Representing and safeguard the interests of forest owners and family forests; b) Promoting sustainable forest management as well as the harmonization of economic, social and environmental functions of our forests; c) Provide technical and legal support and advice to its members, informing them punctually and favouring the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and; d) Consolidate the forestry chain and structure. Principal activities are related to lobbying at Catalan and Spanish level, communication and to provide legal advice and technical services.

CFC developed projects in EQUAL European initiative and works currently with other forestry organisations such as RETECORK (European cork lands net), Forestry authorities, ARCMED (Mediterranean Forest Owners Organization), COSE Spanish Confederation of Forest Organizations). Due all this collaborations and international activities, CFC is in contact with other forestry organizations in the EU Mediterranean Basin.

CFC Main tasks in MENFRI are related with the assessment and searching of information about needs of forestry stakeholders and industry, and sharing the knowledge of forestry stakeholders in GIS, company creation and traditional forestry managing systems.


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Joan Rovira i Ciuró. Forest Engineer and MBA in ESADE Business School and Senior director.

Joan has spent the last ten years managing the Catalonian forest owners’ consortium and is the director of a forest cooperative that closely cooperates with the CFC. He is the current vice president of the Forest Owners Confederation in Spain (COSE) and Board Member of the European Forest Owners Confederation (CEPF). He is also member of the Mediterranean Forest Owners Organization (ARCMED). Relevant experience in the forest sector at an international scope: expert in the Advisory Group of Forest and Cork of the UE Commission, regular collaboration with several projects in the Mediterranean Basin (EFIMED network and participation in the CTFC sector committee).


Josep M. Tusell i Armengol. Forest engineer and technical manager of the CFC since 2001.

Josep also develops, creates and collaborates with innovative projects in forestry. He works side by side with forest cooperatives to raise forest commercialization and valorisation of wooded and non-wood forest products. He has probed experience in forest management and in forest planning. He also shows relevant experience in Mediterranean forest managing and in forest fire prevention.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement n° 609542.